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STRANGEMAS.Ltd is a record media company based in London, UK.

You are about to agree to a short-term contract with the director of Strangemas.Ltd Max Hastie with the details as follows; you the client agree to the below, and will sign this contract with a valid "Photo ID" alongside.


Equipment rented from Strangemas requires a Valid "Photo ID" in the form of a Drivers's License or Passport, alongside signing the release agreement.

Deposits will need to be paid before collecting the equipment for rent.

On the return of the equipment, the deposit will not be issued back to the client until the equipment is verified to be in a "Same As Collected" Condition.

Damage Stolen or lost.

If the rented equipment has been damaged, then the deposit will be used to repair any damages to that equipment. No more charges will be needed.


If the equipment is lost or stolen at any time, If the police are not around / available contact Strangemas.Ltd ASAP if possible. You may need to give a detailed description of the incident and potentially need to give a written police report. 

If any rented Equipment/hardware is not of the same condition as upon collection. 


We allow 5 working days for missing items to be sent back to us.

Important information:

If you are planning on collecting the equipment for a colleague or friend then you must present your own personal ID and take full responsibility for the teams above.

if the rented equipment has missing parts or pieces that are not given back before 5 working days, the deposit will be used to replace the lost equipment, and in turn, will not be refunded.

Unfortunately, we cant rent all our equipment, we hope you understand.

However, everything listed on our "Rental page" will be available.

I, the client agree to the above.

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