What to expect when working with us.

This is a brief description of what it's like to work with STRANGEMAS.

What to expect.


OK, so before we work together we want to meet you, get to know you and ask what you want form us.

This can take less than 10 minute Conversation, even if you don't know what you want exactly.

We are hear to help and make you what you need. Music Production, Video Production, Music Videos, Web Design, Cover art & More.



When working with STRANGEMAS we are always trying to make everything work and run smoothly, make every second count.

We charge per hour for the service and per minute for the final product i.e. a music video. Have a look at our prices for more information.

We have worked on some high and low productions, so we know how to work with a budget in mind.

When editing we work with the client, as well as independently. This is for the part of the work that's a bit boring and tedious,


When the work is done and we have your finished product ready, we are happy to upload to any platform i.e. YouTube, Spottily,  Sound Cloud, anything.

If you just want to final product, that OK, we can send you the project digitally through Email, WeTransfer or good old fashion USB Flash Drive.

For obvious reasons, if payment cannot be fully made, we are unable to give you any work created with in STRANGEMAS.


Sit Back, Relax and have a think about your next project with us.

If you chose to work with us again we might present you with a discount. 

Maximum Discount 75% off.

STRANGEMAS is a media company that works in the video and sound production industry. We also make websites.

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